Left Pray First just in time to arrive to BLP, and the pax were ready to go!  Yhc let Monarch that yhc will plan on q’n a little bit of q school, and it went something like this.  Pledge of Allegiance.

Mission – Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. 

F3 Core Principles:

  • Be free of charge.
  • Be open to all men.
  • Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.
  • Be led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.
  • End with a Circle of Trust.
  • Disclaimer – (Making sure disclaimer is heard, look for fng’s) Qs are not professionals, you work out at your own risk. Modify for injuries when necessary.

We went over counting Cadence during warmups.  Every count should be a movement.  Counting cadence keeps pax together, and keeps the workout organized. Cadence: “Next Exercise is ___________.  Starting Position Move. In Cadence…. Exercise…. Recover (If needed)” 

Warmups – 10 IC – Merkins, Squats, Arm Circles (Fwd/Bck).  Mosey to Rock Pile.


  • Choose a good sized rock, something to challenge you. 10 Reps IC
    • Curls, Overhead Press, Curls, Tricep Extensions, Curls, Single Arm Overhead Press (10 each arm), Curls, Rows, Curls
  • Move to Shelter with Rocks. 10 Reps IC
    • Table Sit Ups with Rocks held low, American Hammer, Sit Ups w/ Rocks up high, Step Ups, Sit Ups w/ rocks low, step ups.
  • Move to intersection next to baseball field.
    • Sevens – Flutter Kicks (2 is 1) and Chuck Norris Merkins – Bear Crawl between. Bear Crawl for the Six!
  • Return Rocks to rock pile and return to flag for some mary, where each pax led out in 10 reps of exercise of choice, in proper cadence.
  • 615

While moving in between stations, yhc asked pax on suggestions/observations on what they’d like to see more/less of during beatdowns.  Here are some.

  • Targeting various muscle groups instead of burning out early in beatdowns (ex. Bunch of Merkins done at once)
  • Coming back for the six, motivating the six. (We went over the F3 Credo – Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him. 
  • No matter how hard the workout may be, you’re always ending at 6:15! Or whatever set time on different days! F3 has consistency!


  • Frank the Tank – Friend’s wife battling breast cancer. Due to covid, family can’t visit.
  • Deep Dish’s Grandmother – Health issues, in and out of nursing homes.
  • Our Country.


  • F3 ENC 6th Year Anniversary – Feb 20, 2021! Be there!  https://www.f3enc.com/

If you haven’t q’d in a while, or at all, don’t be afraid to do so!  As brothers, we are here to uplift each other, and help build leaders not only in the gloom, but for life!

Blessings – FP

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