At 530, started with the pledge  of alligience x 1, side straddle hops x 20 and good mornings x 10.

Then we did an Indian Run around the loop.

Next we partnered up in the Pain Ground for 100 FiA Knee Ups hanging from a bar, 100 Swerkins or Durkin with you feet in the swings, 100 Step ups while the partner rounded a trash can in the parking lot.

Next, a break in the pavilion for 20 dips, 20 plank jacks, and 20 Erkins.

We then paused for a 1 minute q tip which is a quick tip on strategies to boost resilience, improve communication, and generally influence people as part of the mission of invigorating male leadership.   Today’s q tip was consideration of a daily gratitude practice to boost happiness, improve your chances at meeting your personal and professional goals, and build empathy and compassion.  Strategies include repeating things you are thankful for to yourself on the way to work, a daily gratitude journal, sharing your wins at the dinner table, or simply thanking the people who help you.   We then bear crawled, ran backwards, and burpied together as the PAX shared what they were grateful for in their lives.

To celebrate what the PAX was grateful for we each picked up a spark stone and did 20 hallelujahs and 30 squats.

Finally, we spent an unusual amount of time doing Marys which inluded Jay Los, LBCs, Rolie Pollies, some sort of scissor thing, the alphabet (which Salt Lick struggled with), and 2 minutes of planks and chill cuts.


Prayers for those struggling with illness, employment, and gratitude for the great showing on Saturday and all the blessings we have in our life.





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