It’s Spring Time and for baseball lovers, it’s a great time of year with the kickoff of High School Baseball, NCAA Baseball and MLB… oh wait nevermind, a bunch of billionaires and millionaires arguing over money is going to take America’s Pastime away from us in 2022, but not at F3 ENC #breakdown! YHC pulled into BLP a little bit before 0530 as he EC’d at Pray First. Was happy to see 14 PAX ready with their peanuts and crackerjacks! Circled up- no FNGs so disclaimer given and first pitch was fast approaching… YHC told the PAX that all reps today would honor the number of famous baseball players throughout the history of MLB.

PAX would begin with a few warmups exercises honoring the #11, which is the number of YHC’s favorite player, his son, Dude Perfect. Though not a famous MLB player, he did pitch on ESPN a few years back and did some pretty decent things on the mound during his time ;)

SSH x11 IC

Good Mornings x11 IC

Michael Phelps x11 IC

Butt Kickers x 11 IC

PAX were instructed that the first exercise was rounding the bases. PAX would take two laps around the track, stopping at each intersection for an exercise (reps based on player chosen/discussed). Each intersection would be considered an inning;

  • First Intersection: (25) 4 count flutter kicks in honor of MLB Career HR leader, Barry Bonds
  • Second Intersection: (44) Mountain Climbers in honor of MLB career RBI leader, Hank Aaron
  • Third Intersection: (24) WWIs in honor of MLB career stolen bases leader, Ricky Henderson
  • Fourth Intersection: (34) Monkey Humpers in honor of MLB career strikeouts leader, Nolan Ryan
  • Fifth Intersection: (42) Hallelujahs in honor of MLB career saves leader, Mariano Rivera
  • Sixth Intersection: (51) Squats in honor of MLB single season hits leader, Ichiro Suzuki
  • Seventh Intersection: (3) Wolverines, in honor of the most extra base hits in a single season, Babe Ruth
  • Eighth Intersection: (5) Samoan Sandwiches in honor of the longest hitting streak in MLB history, Joe DiMaggio
  • Back to the flag for the 9th Inning… (9) burpees

Next PAX mosey to the rock pile where they would grab their favorite rock for Mike Trout “ROCKS”. PAX would do a series of rock exercises; 27 reps of each exercise (Trout’s jersey number) for 4 rounds; Goblet squats, rock rows, curls and tricep extensions

Next PAX would mosey back to the flag for a round of BigMac bearcrawl and Slammin’ Sammy LBCs. PAX would bearcrawl to each of the four trees. At each tree, PAX would alternate between (25) merkins for Mark McGwire’s jersey number and then (21) LBCs for Sammy Sosa’s jersey number. This was to pay homage for McGwire and Sosa’s famous HR battle in 1998 that basically saved MLB

To the wall;

People’s Chair for a 14 count in honor of Pete Rose

BTTW for a 7 count in honor of Mickey Mantle

0615 was on us so this game was called for time. Circled up for COT…

Prayer Requests

  • Blueprint’s friend battling alcoholism
  • Blueprint’s 2.0 recovering from broken shoulder


– GrowRuck coming end of the month. If you’re doing the event, better start training. If you can’t do the event, we need volunteers throughout the event; see 2-Stop if you can lend a hand

– There is a second ruck team forming to Ruck the BRR this September. If interested, see Blueprint, Crankshaft or Short Round

– CoopStrong coming up in a couple weeks. Sign-up… 4 miles run, ruck or walk

Until Next Time…

Stabler Out

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