Pledge our Allegiance to Old Glory. Remove your covers. Exercise. Thanks Clipper

Slaughter Starter: 20 Burpees in Cadence out the gate… Michael Phelps. SSHops.

5 pull ups, while others doing Merkins; rotate for three rounds. Line up along the raised barrier near the playground for a three count each of Diamond Irkins. Modifications were calling our names.

Circle Up where various partner boo yah Merkins happened-25. WWI’s and WWII’s-25

Brisk walk to Mt. Boyd Lee, about face toward the fire plug. Lt. Dan shoulder to shoulder about 5 deep. With Squats and Lunges, making it out to 6 and 24.

Head toward ye old wall, with 1 burpee just for fun. People’s Chair with arm variations with a three count each. Balls to the wall.

Charlie B. led a moment, whilst YHC got muh, John Eldredge book, WILD AT HEART…floated toward page 113 to read some pages for us men. Did a little stretching to close out. The part yhc read had to do with men having a history of abandoning God for the pursuit of a woman. The Garden of Eden first has Adam seeking and loving God. Eve first saw the fruit, led her husband to partake. He did, Adam was wanting to please and love her more than God at this point. Men must know our worth comes from God, through Jesus His Son and not seeking approval from a woman….Think on this!!!

YHC prays us out Wild family death in the family. Injured PAX. Tap’s MIL passed. COVID health. Ukraine. Our military and people in Blue. The defenders. Humbled to hear Stabler recognize my ‘cadence’… (Use your God given gifts to serve and love others/ Call and check on others).

7 Year ENC Anniversary this Saturday, 7-8 am. Good Food to Follow, with your best superlative. God is always FAITHFUL.

Coopstrong ALS Fundraising, 3/19/22. Eastern Fleet happening 3/25-3/27. Multiple great cats q’ing the next several days. Charlie Brown at Westside Friyay; Blue the Print Thursyay-Clydesdales.

If I missed something, oh well. Thank you for your grace and forgiveness.

7 Year Manniversary now done. Hut Hut Omaha…………..

Cut Out


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