EC 0440- Show Boat hit the concrete and logged some miles for EC.

0530- Pax showed up. We started out with the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we warmed up with a few warmup exercises. We then moseyed around the track doing an Indian run which everyone just loves. Ended up over at the picnic tables where we did a series of exercises.

3 Sets of the following. This got the blood flowing!!!

20 Dips, 20 step-ups, 20 irkins, 20 squats, 20 lbcs

We then moseyed over to the rock pile, and everyone got a rock, some big and some small.

Sets of the following. 20 Curls for the girls, 20 Overhead press, 20t Tricept extension, 20 Bent over Row.  Everyone now worried about the size rock they had. We did an exercise and then moved counterclockwise to the next rock. Sometimes we might skip 2 rocks just so someone else could get the BIG ROCK!!!

Ended the morning off with some 40 yards sprints to stretch them legs out before it was all over!!! Appreciate all the Pax who chose the harder thing and came out!!!!

Welcomed out our new FNG Full House!!!

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