YHC spotted the appeal on the SlackMachine from Backhoe saying a Q was needed on short notice for BuildUp this week.  Jumped on it before rational thinking excuses had a chance to generate.  Hadn’t posted at BLP on a Wednesday hump day in a long time, so that made it even better.  Hump Day theme would find its way into the Weinke for sure as we worked up and then back down a portion.  Got to the site a little early and posted some directional signs.  PAX began rolling in, the moment had arrived, it was circle up time and we were off like a dirty shirt.

Warm Up:

  • SSH, IC, X25
  • Don Quixote, IC, X15
  • High Knees, IC, X 15

The Thang:

  • BLIMPS (Burpees X 10, Lunges X 20, Imperial Walkers X 30, Merkins X 40, Plank Jacks X 50, Squats X 60) clockwise around the BLP sidewalk circle running between station stops, Plank for the Six, mosey to rock pile
  • Rock lifting sequence (curls, military press forward, military press behind head, squats with rock hugged, curls repeat), mosey to shovel flag
  • SPMILB (Reverse of BLIMPS sequence and direction above – down the other side of the hump of Hump Day) , Al Gore for the Six, form a line
  • Elevens between two lines at light pole distance, Carolina Dry Docks and WWII Sit Ups, Recover and Return to Shovel Flag


  • Name-o-Rama
  • Count-o-Rama
  • BOM/Prayer Requests:  PAX and friends/family members battling forms of cancer; PAX needing jobs; Coach Houston following passing of his father; unspoken; BRR teams safety; victims of the hurricane and workers going in now to provide aid/assistance
  • Announcements:  Shrimp and Bono will be remaining in G’ville and are available to provide any storm-related assistance needed by M’s/Families of PAX away for the BRR.  Shrimp would appreciate it if you are here and can be available in case of emergency, to let him know so he can have a few others to mobilize if needed.  Read the latest F3ENC Newsletter.  Sent yesterday by email.  Also available through F3ENC web site.  No Q-Source this Sunday due to BRR absences.

Moleskin:  Solid workout and effort by the PAX.  YHC appreciated the support from all who posted.  For the record, Mayhem arrived prior to the start second.  It was great to meet several newer PAX that YHC hadn’t met before.  F3ENC is growing.  Important to visit all of the different AO’s once in a while in order to meet the “regulars” at each.  Thankful for the chance to be in the gloom with some great men today!  Take the high road.  God bless!

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