Just like the turkey, we will eat tomorrow, our bodies were frozen this morning. However, we thawed quickly as the chatter started and the fun began.

Warm Up
Pledge of Allegiance
21 High Knees
18 Cotton Pickers
14 SSH

The Thang
Moseyed around then landed at the picnic tables.
20 Derkins, 20 Step-ups (each leg), 20 LBCs, 25 Dips. We chatted then rinse and repeat.
Moseyed around then landed at the Rockpile.
25 Arm curls, 25 chest flies, 25 Rock Hallelujahs – moseyed around the circle a couple of times to stay warm and rinse and repeat.
Moseyed around and landed at the parking lot in front of the flag
Ladder of 20 merkins – bear crawl to curb – 20 squats – lunge back. Went down to 5 then back up to 20.
A few stretches and done.

Prayers for a man that Khakis met who is diabetic and involved in a car crash. Prayers for all F3 brothers, for those suffering mentally and physically.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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