YHC had been thinking up a new workout and came up with this Crazy Eights workout. It is a work in progress and YHC builds in some modification based on the audience that shows up.

Warm Up:
20 – SSH IC
10 – Don Quixotes IC
10 – Michael Phelps IC

The Thang:
Moseyed around the track to the volleyball courts. Went to the far end of the courts and provided the instructions for the workout. There are 8 lines for the courts and we would stop and do
8 rep of an exercise at each line. So at first line we would do 8 reps and then bear crawl to next line, complete that exercise with 8 reps and the broad jump to next line. Repeat that until the fence and then
run out of the courts toward the center of the park and then back to the starting line where we would do this process again with different exercises.
We were able to complete this 4 times
Lap 1 – Merkins and WWIIs
Lap 2 – Plank Jacks and Hello Dollys
Lap 3 – Wide-arm Merkins and LBCs
Lap 4 – Mountain Climbers and Flutter kicks

Then moseyed to the playground area to work on pull-ups
We partnered up and assisted partner to complete 8 pull-ups. Keep rotating back and forth for about 3 minutes. The Pusher is a beast and does not need the partner assistance

Mosey back to flag for some quick Mary of V-ups and Flutter Kicks

COT- 7 Pax

Prayer/Praise Requests
Clipper’s Dad had successful surgery and is recovering at home.
Khakis has a cousin getting married this weekend
Shortround’s M on the road traveling by herself

New Host Workout Q announcement for Blastoff this Friday
Khakis has Q at Blastoff this Friday

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