With the overwhelming popularity of The BACK PACK adventure crew at Dowdy on Wednesdays and the forgetful (maybe scurred) nature of some (namely BONO), YHC anticipated low numbers at the BUILD UP Q in the Park of BOYD LEE.

3 – 30 – 300 – the number of PAX makes no difference to me.  The importance of doing anything well is not predicated on having an  AUDIENCE for a HIM.  One of my goals in LIFE is to constantly seek out the SILVER LINING… to see OPPORTUNITY instead of ADVERSITY.  I believe that the OPPORTUNITY to examine depth, both personal and interpersonal, is found in these moments of perceived ADVERSITIES.  I think of the JOCKO video “GOOD” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdTMDpizis8

SO….  LOW NUMBERS – “Good” – I have the OPPORTUNITY to get to know my brothers on a DEEPER level… I have the ABILITY to hear unobstructed feedback regarding my WEINKE (it’s a big one) and get better at Q’ng…

IF we are even slightly consumed by the CONDITIONS of our workout (or life), we are not being as HIGH IMPACT as we can be.  IDEAL is an impossible construct of built in excuses.

SMILE when it’s raining at 5 AM… LAUGH when it snows… GOOD… The SCHOOL YARD’S track sucks… BLP is flooded… GOOD…

I am not a CONDITIONAL MAN, and I know that I am surrounded by other men of the same ilk.




20 x SSH (IC)
10 x Butt Kickers (IC)
10 x high knees (IC)
10 x Merkins (omd)
30-sec high plank hold
20 x mountain climbers (IC)
10 × plank jack (IC)
10 x Merkins (omd)
30-sec high plank hold
10 x high knees (IC)
10 x butt kickers (IC)
20 × SSJH (IC)

Indian Run – 1 lap around

Grab (Medicine) Balls
Sprint + Bear Walk + 10 x slams (plank for 6)
10 merks (omd) + Run to Circle and Back
Sprint + Lunge + 10 x squat thrust (plank)
10 merks (omd) + Run to Circle and Back
Sprint + Jumps + 10 × Curls (plank)
10 merks (omd) + Run to Circle and Back
Sprint + Walk Bear + 10 × tricep ext (plank)
10 merks (omd) + Run to Circle and Back


People’s Chair + Ball Raise – PAX Count
10 x squats (OMD)
Balls to the wall – PAX Count
10 x merkins (omd)
People’s chair + Ball Raise – Pax Count
10 x squats (omd)
10 × Shoulder taps (IC)
10 x merkins (omd)


PAX picks 10 x exercise of choice followed by 30 sec high plank

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