YHC and the KJV being read from the book of John rucked it solitaire in the cool Glory of another day for EC this Gloom. This was after the flag was planted……….No Site Q; he may have informed me…

YHC welcomed the PAX. First exercise was to exercise our freedom to Pledge Allegiance (Covers removed). SSH, Stretching Left Right Center, Good Evenings. Fast Walk Pace to the Shelter, where I earlier had positioned Cinder Blocks as Coupons.

Partnered Up when sitting on the picnic tables: passed the block chest to chest back and forth with ankles locked for a 20 count, each doing WWII’s (3 Rounds Total)…..The other variation was back and forth from above the head position, while doing WWII’s (3 Total Rounds).

In Between the Rounds……..20 Count Dirkins………..(4 Count when Frank TT led). We completed 3 Rounds with these beauties, alternating or course.

20 Single Leg Squats, (alternating at 10). Squats with Blocks-SALAD. Michael Phelps showed for some arm relief (3 Rounds). Plain ‘Ol 20 Merkins, since arms still FRESH.

S L O W and ‘intestinal’ curls with the blocks. Very Slow up and Very Slow down, 20 IC. (Kinda Toasty now, could use some Chicken Wangs about now!)………….Each Man led exercises (B A M)!!!

With Blocks overhead, we toted them back to YHC’s welcoming truck bed……

It is 6:15, just like that. Thanks M E N !! You killed it.

YHC led in BOM and COT. Reminded all that not only physically can we tire, but also mentally. Reach out to those men that need a, ‘hug’. Prayers for our Nation, Military, 1st responders, Easy Rider and family, YHC’s niece Jaime completed Chemo, whoop, whoop; Splinter, Charlie Brown’s momma, King Pin, Kevlar……………………………..Thanks be to God who allowed us to awaken today that He has made!

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Cold-Cut, OUT.

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