Warm-Up:  Pledge, SSH, Arm Circles F/B, Good Mornings, Michael Phelps, Ski Jumps (s/o to Winter Olympics), and Merkins

The Thang:

  • Parking Lot Tracer- Shuffling the Mind and Body
    • Shuffled on the parking lot lines.  Tapped the corners of each spot with hands.
    • Shuffle up the line in one direction, tap, shuffle across the spot in one direction, tap, reverse your stance and continue shuffle, tap, across, tap.
    • Repeat to halfway across the parking lot, then partner up.
  • Partner exercises- One partner goes across lot, one partner stays at sidewalk and switch.
    • Bear Crawl/Al Gore- Each person does 3x.
    • Lunges/Side Straddle Hop- Each person does 3x.
  • Mosey to baseball field
  • Baseball Field Beatdown/ Outrun the Burpees!
    • Average person runs the bases in 22 seconds.  Roll a die.  Multiply that number by the assigned per round.  That’s the amount of seconds PAX has to run all of the bases and make it back.
    • Failure to get everyone back before time runs out= Burpees for everyone.
    • As rounds go up, multiplier goes down.
    • Ex) Round 1 has x10 multiplier.  If die is 3, every PAX must be back in 30 seconds or all do burpees.  Round 2 has 9x multiplier.  Round 3-8x….
    • Completed 5 Rounds
  • 7 of Diamonds
    • Still on the field, so did 7 of Diamonds. Pick an exercise.  Round 1 is 7 reps at each base.  Round 2 pick new exercise and do 14 at each base.  Increase by 7 til hit 28, then decrease by 7.
    • Exercises:
      • 7 Merkins
      • 14 Squats
      • 21 Mountain Climbers (2 Count)
      • 28 LBCs
      • 21 Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Running Low on Time, Back to Flag
  • Mary then short stretch.
  • COT- Prayers for plane that was lost Down East.  Prayers for injured PAX, special call out for Charlie Brown.
  • Announcements: Welcome back S’Mores! Greenville Parks and Rec is holding sign-ups right now for Co-Ed Kickball and Softball.  Could be great for PAX and M’s to do together.
  • Free Picture (after some technical difficulties with the phone timer)
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