4:40 EC Ruckers including YHC, Spinal Tap, Backhoe and Coldcut

5:30: disclaimer, 7-11 rules addressed, will split into 2 groups due to numbers-Deep Dish to step up with co Q-YHC has a copy of the weinkie

Warm: M Phelps, Cotton pickers, Hilbillies

Tha Thang-3 sets of PT with a run between the walk legs from center of BLP between sets

Set 1
15 burpees
20 linges each leg
10 merkins
20 WW II
10 curbside dips

Set 2
30 second Mt climbers
30 deep squats
10 ranger merkins
20-4ct freddie mercs
10-4 ct J loes

Set 3
30 second SSH
30 side lunges each side
10 catalina wine mixers
60 LBCs
30 second side plank right
30 second side plank left

rinse and repeat-made it 2 additional sets
My group stopped off at the wall for some Peoples chair and 4 ct Chicken Peckers in the BTTW position

Mary-Flutter kicked until 6:15

The country, Jaime, Cable needs a job, Patches 2.0’s

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