The night before the beatdown, YHC was finalizing the plan on what was to take place the next day.  YHC wanted to make sure everyone was going to push all throughout the beatdown without stopping an excessive amount of times.  YHC asked the M what she thought about the beatdown and she told YHC to maybe decrease the amount of time for each exercise… YHC obliged.  The next day came around and YHC thought there was going to be approximately 10 PAX that would show up.  To YHC’s surprise almost double the amount of PAX came out for the beatdown.  So, 0530 came about and so it was time to…



10 x SSH IC

10 x Arm Circles IC

5 x Squats IC



The concept for the beatdown was each round would consist of three exercises.  The first exercise would be performed for 20 seconds and then the PAX would rest for 20 seconds.  After resting, the first exercise would be performed again for 20 seconds and then the PAX would immediately perform the second exercise for 20 seconds… Then rest for 20 seconds.  Then the PAX would again perform the first and second exercises for 20 seconds each and immediately move into the third exercise for 20 seconds… Rest for 20 seconds.  The PAX would then perform the first and second exercises for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and then perform the first exercise for the final 20 seconds before moving onto the next round.  It was easier than it sounds.  The PAX moseyed on over to the Picnic Shelter for the first set of rounds.

First Round:  Erkins / Merkins / Derkins

Second Round:  Sumo Squats / Half-Sumo Squats / Sumo Squat Jumps

Third Round:  Mountain Climbers / Plank Twist (opposite knee to opposite side elbow) / Plank Knee to Elbow (same knee to same side elbow)

The PAX was onboard (maybe) with the first three rounds of exercises.  There was quite a bit of mumble chatter but everyone kept pushing through.  The pace was steady and everyone made it through unharmed.  The PAX then lined up, in pairs, at the edge of the parking.  They were instructed to race their partner over to the rock area and then grab a nice size rock.  Many listened to the warning but some did not (YHC included).

Fourth Round (Curls for the Girls):  Half-Way Up / Half-Way Down (from the full curl position) / Full Curl

Fifth Round (Tricep Extensions):  Half-Way Down / Half-Way Up (from the rock behind the neck) / Full Extension

These two rounds were brutal… for some.  Not a lot of mumble chatter during these rounds but there was a good amount of fellowship that took place.  The PAX helped push each other through theses exercises even when the muscles were getting fatigued.  Once the rounds were finished, the PAX threw their rocks back and lined up, in pairs, at the edge of the parking lot.  The PAX then raced each other to the flag pole at the center of the baseball fields.  Due to time winding down, YHC called an audible and had the PAX perform up to the third exercise (without working our way back down to the first exercise) for the next few rounds.

Sixth Round:  Forward Lunges / Forward Skip Lunge / Jump Lunges

Seventh Round:  Merkins / Low Plank Hold / Plyo Merkins

Not everyone was a fan of Plyo Merkins… Not everyone wanted to try it.  YHC had a tough time pushing through them but had the support of the PAX when he attempted it.  The PAX cheered when the few attempts were made which made YHC want to push more even when there was nothing there… Thank you to everyone who helped YHC push through that exercise.  Once completed, the PAX were then instructed to mosey over to the Shovel Flag.  The last round would be performed same as the previous round.

Last Round:  American Hammer / Frog Kicks / Freddie Mercury

Another audible was called, because of time, where the PAX performed the three exercises for 10 seconds each instead of 20.

Time was 0615 when the last exercise was performed.



Praise for Abu’s Dad

Prayers for Spinal Tap’s daughter and her travels

Prayers for Kingpin going through radiation

Prayers for Pulp’s oldest 2.0



Sasquatch at the end of July… Looking for water and Gatorade donations

Fruity Pebbles Q’ing at Westside Story on Friday



YHC was happy to see so many PAX show up in the gloom for a “build up” type of beatdown.  Although the beatdown was tough, the PAX pushed through all the way to the end.  The support everyone had for each other was tremendous and is part of the reason why F3 is so special to a lot of men… Including YHC.  Thank you to the PAX for supporting one another and thank you for supporting YHC as I enjoyed being your Q for today.  Also, thank you Backhoe for giving me the opportunity to Q at Build Up.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.

– Captain Obvious

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