Patch, Haavaad, Backhoe and YHC did the 0440 ruck thing. Abu, Grammar and Chimi (YES… I said Chimi) showed up around 0500 and played with some bells. Six other PAX joined a little before 0530 so we circled up and a quick COVID disclaimer was given.

Warm Up

SSH x11 IC

Butt Kickers x11 IC

Arm Circles (forward) x11 IC

Arm Circles (backward) x11 IC

The Thang

Since it was a Stabler Q at BLP, decided to introduce the PAX to some light reading of the Boyd Lee Files. Basically, a choose your own adventure style workout where different locations at BLP served as the chapters. YHC would call on a PAX, they would choose the chapter and then YHC would provide the workout. Chapter options for today included; the baseball field, the driveway, the rock pile, grassy area by flag, the BLP Loop, the shelter, the volleyball court and the score booth. Since Chimi finally posted for the first time in 2020 😉 YHC called on his favorite Kotter for the first chapter and he chose… The Score Booth. At the score booth, PAX would partner-up (at a safe distance) and perform a round of DORA; 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 Squats. Partner A would begin the exercises and Partner B would run to the second light pole and back. Partners would flapjack until all exercises were complete.

For the next round, YHC called on Patch and he chose… the volleyball court. The new volleyball courts have been teasing us for awhile now so at the courts, PAX would spread out against the barrier and perform People’s Chair. One by one, each PAX would bear crawl from the barrier to the sidewalk and then mosey back. Mud and sand spurs were enjoyed by all!

For the next chapter, YHC called on Grammar and he chose the driveway. PAX would meet up at the circle in the driveway. We had too many for the Merkin Ring of Fire so YHC called an audible and went to the curb for the Merkin Curb of Fire. PAX would get in plank position and shuffle to the right until YHC called on a PAX. That PAX then would call out a Merkin exercise where all the PAX would perform 10 reps of that exercise. Merkin exercises that were chosen for the five rounds included; Ranger Merkin, Regular Merkin, Wide Arm Merkin, Ranger Merkin (again) and the Chuck Norris Merkin (thanks Abu)

For the next chapter, YHC called on the #BuildUp site Q, Deep Dish, and he chose the rock pile. Nice mumble chatter with him and why he did not choose the baseball field 😉 At the rock pile, YHC instructed the PAX to choose their rock wisely. Circled up and then dropped the rock. PAX would go from rock to rock performing a series of exercises (20 reps each); Exercises included; tricep extensions, curls for the girls, goblet squats, rock press and V-Ups.

Getting short on time, YHC chose the last chapter and we went to the grassy area near the flag. We lined up near the driveway and had three trees in front of us. PAX would low crawl to the first tree, crab walk to the second tree then low crawl to the last tree. At that tree, PAX would perform 50 LBCs. Rinsed and repeated on the way back and at the end, performed 50 merkins. 0615 was upon us so back to the flag for the COT.

Prayer Requests

– Candy Cane’s Grandma

– NoIDeer’s Aunt passed away due to COVID

– Abu’s M

– Bono’s Mother In Law

– Chimi’s Aunt

– Prayers that Chimi’s house sells soon

– Grout’s 2.0 and newborn

– Popeye’s friend came down with COVID

– Grammar’s friend’s mom is battling cancer, doing chemo treatments


– YHC has the Q tomorrow at the Clydesdales. Bring an extra 20-30lb

– Be on the lookout for info on the Sasquatch. Some real cool things this year and BJ is leading the charge!

– Deep Dish looking for Qs for Build Up. Step-up PAX and take a Wednesday!


It was a great morning to enjoy some reading and great to see a good amount of PAX post, especially Chimi!!! Headlocking (or bullying as Abu calls it) works! YHC challenges each of you reading this to choose a PAX who you have not seen in awhile and reach out to them and headlock them and get them out in the gloom. With everything going on in the world today, we all need F3 in our lives and sometimes a little headlocking or bullying is what it takes to get some guys to HC and post again. Until next time…

Stabler Out

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