VQ for pusher. A little chilly but we stayed warm.

Warm up: side straddle hops, slow squats, arm circles, good mornings

The Thang

Moseyed around the track. stopped and did a few sets of high knees alternating with WW1s.

Found our way to the baseball field. Ran laps with exercises at each base. 1st base Merkins, 2nd base squats, 3rd base plank jacks, home plate imperial walkers. Added 2 reps with each lap (1st lap 2 reps of each exercise, 2nd lap 4 reps, 3rd lap 6 reps, etc). Until we were all feeling it. Maybe 15 minutes-ish.

3 sets of dips alternating with lunges.

Peoples chair with some hallelujahs and punches mixed in. Then some balls to the wall. Or is it ball to the walls? Then more peoples chairs and another round of balls to the wall.

Finished off with a few sprints and some marys back at the flag.

COT – injured/sick PAX and families

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