Great morning in the gloom for YHC and the VQ with 15 PAX!  We spent the time with a mix of many things that Breakdown has to offer.  Enjoyed some healthy mumble chatter throughout, and will have the cadence thing down one of these days.

Warm Up

  • 15 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 10 Collard Pickers
  • 10 Don Quixotes

The Thang:

  • Indian Run (or whatever PC term it is now) around BL for 1/2 mile
  • As a group, run second lap around BL, with stops at each intersection for 5 Burpees, 10 merkins, 10WW1s
  • Mosey to the Shelter for down and backs over the tables with 15 dips one one end, 10 merkins/urkins/durkins on the other side (player’s choice)- 5 times
  • Mosey down to the rock pile for some extra gym time: 20 curls, 20 overhead triceps, 20 overhead press, 20 goblet squats, finish on 6 for 20 chest press
  • Ditch the rocks and head to the wall
  • People’s chair while each pax runs to the tree line and back (some took it even further, and bear crawled…or picked the farthest tree)
  • Moseyed to the lamp post for some sprints mixed with merkins- 2 times
  • Circled up with some Mary (flutter kicks) to finish up


Prayer Requests- Abu’s Dad (prostate C), Captain Obvious’ mom (C as we recall), Fruity Pebble’s friend, Adolphus Leonard, who had a heart attack, and is recovering


Sasquatch and ruck event coming up; other upcoming Qs/F3ENC workouts were announced


No bear crawls (except those who voluntarily did them)! Thanks for getting me in on the Q Backhoe and the PAX who came out for support!

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