YHC had just returned from GrowRuck and a work trip the night before, so I was low on energy for this Q. But after a long drive home the night before, I had the chance to really reflect on the lessons learned from GrowRuck (which was tough as nails) and how grateful I am for F3 and the guys who I now call brothers. My reflections on this drive gave me motivation to think about the 6 word mission statements that we shared on GrowRuck; I wanted to share this message with the PAX and encourage them to think about their why’s. often we think about F3 as just workouts and a chance to get more fit, but it’s really so much more than that. The workouts are just the hook. The real purpose is much more holistic and it’s about leadership, about being better people so we can serve others.

With that intro to the PAX, we got started:

The workout was divided into 6 discrete sets, all based on one word of YHC’s 6 word mission statement.

First word: DYING
–side straddle hops, partner merkins

Second word: TO
–mosey to the posts near the picnic shelter
–bear crawl together through the posts from one end to the other
–with partner, walking lunge back to the beginning

Third word: SELF
–at the picnic shelter, 75 super step ups and 75 dips each, done with a partner

Fourth word: DAILY
–lap around the entire track together

Fifth word: LIVING
–8 sets of suicides in front of the flag

Sixth word: FREELY
–round of Mary with flutterkicks, freddie mercury’s, boxcutters

Great job by all the PAX today with a tough workout!! Several PAX also shared their 6 word mission statements, including Pulp who had a great one about riding the cart at Walmart!! Lol.

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