• When: 09/12/2018
  • QIC: T-Bone (Community Q)

This Pre-Blast is based on a discussion the Regional Q’s had last night regarding Hurricane Florence and how we (F3ENC) will function regarding community response efforts after she strikes.  We have many new members of the PAX since Hurricane Matthew struck 23 months ago.  F3ENC responded to and completed close to 70 separate projects/efforts during the weeks and months following the hurricane, including evacuations, cutting trees, placing sandbags, mucking out houses, and many others.  We accomplished this using a Central Command approach which proved to be very effective. We will utilize a similar strategy for upcoming efforts.  But, first things first….



The number one priority before, during and after this storm is SAFETY.  This storm is dangerous and, if you’ve paid any attention to the forecasts, unpredictable.  While the latest forecast has shown some weakening, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous.  For your safety and the safety of others, all AO’s are canceled until further notice.

You can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself and your family first.  Take the time you need to secure your family and property. When we begin mobilizing within the community, we make F3 members top priority.  It’s no different than being in the gloom.  No man left behind.  Our Brothers come first.  The more #HIM we have available, the bigger impact we can make on the community.

We also know that not everyone can get out and help.  Many of us have family obligations that limit our time or availability.  So, if you receive a call or message from someone and can’t help, be candid. Projects will vary in complexity, needs and time commitment., so if you have an hour or two to help, we’ll find a place to plug you in.



Revised 9/13/18 1:45 pm:    

Bono will lead a Central Comz Center and we’ll have a  Starfish approach as we execute.  When needs within the community are identified, they will be communicated to the Comz Center via text, phone and social media, where they will be logged onto a spreadsheet.  Comz will  assign Q’s to the projects as they come in, based on talents and resources.  The Q on a project is responsible for completing the project, overseeing the team and communicating back to Comz any additional manpower or other resources needed to complete the job.  F3ENC has a lot of traction and credibility in Greenville during this type of event due to our response in 2016 during Hurricane Matthew and the relationships that we’ve developed within the community and with community leaders since then.  As such, wear your F3 gear when you are out in the field.  Many people recognize it and will appreciate it.  

As the mission of F3 is to invigorate male leadership in the community, we need to build additional leaders for these types of situations, so  Bono will have someone else collaborating with him on that effort.



We will use the following modes of communication.  Please download these apps and link to the FB page so that you have access to our communications:

  • Facebook F3ENC FiA Community Response Page: This is how we will  communicate needs and activities to the general public.          https://bit.ly/2xacH21
  • Slack:You should already have it.  If not, get it!  There’s a #communityresponse channel there.  Find it.  If you can’t find it or know how to join it, message Cousin IT
  • Zello:Awesome app that works like a walkie-talkie.  Once you sign up and log in, goto “Channels” and then select the “+” in the bottom right corner and search for ENC CommUnity Response and add yourself to the channel
  • Glympse:app that shows location of users using GPS.  Good for using while in a vehicle, will give Bono an indication of your location when you’re working on a project.  We may or may not choose to use this, but download so it’s ready to go.


Finally, there’s a Google Sheets document that will be used for coordination.


  • Contact Information: Please add your information to the “Contact Info” tab.  We know we have most of this information already, but we need the Zello handle and cell number for Glympse and it’s easier to have it all on one document when you’re deep in action.  It’ll only take you 60 seconds.
  • Resources: If you have equipment such as chainsaws, trailers, shop vacs, pumps, rakes, shovels or other items that might be of benefit, add them to the “Resources” tab.



Wait.  When the needs start coming in and we’re in a position to mobilize, the word will go out on Twitter.  In the meantime, if you have needs or hear of needs, message T-Bone or Bono on Slack and we’ll get it on the list.



We do what we do in the gloom and at CSAUPS to build our minds, our bodies and our relationships. The coming days are when we put the hard work, effort, and relationships to great use, with a higher sense of purpose.  I guarantee you that the work ahead will be the hardest.  We will see things and help people in situations that we hope and pray that we ourselves are never in.  But this work will also be the most rewarding.

My thoughts and prayers are with each of you and your families, as well as our F3 Brothers across the Southeast who will be impacted by this storm.  Stay safe.

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