A little over a month ago Pastor Cole reached out to Bono to get assistance with Toys for Tots. Guys were hesitate to take control, but YHC wanted to show because our name was on the line. Aquaman showed with about 4 of his boys and YHC were the only PAX. Thought we were gonna have a ton of work so YHC tried to reach out for more. We ended up finishing a rather small task for F3 in about 30 minutes, much to there surprise. He asked us to return in a month. YHC put out the word that we needed more assistance and this is why we workout!

The Thang

There were some HC’s and YHC wasn’t gonna be able to make it, but hoping it would still be a success. YHC’s schedule changed and was excited to be available for this opportunity. When YHC arrived Captain Obvious was already there with his 2.0. The Situation pulled up with a buddy and we all headed inside. Knew that Bono along with his 2.0’s and friend, Cousteau, and Noonan were coming. Aquaman showed up with a few of his boys too.

There were several tasks that were done: Unboxing, sorting, moving toys, breaking down boxes, moving pallette’s, and working with agencies that came in. Several of us were put into positions of leadership right away. The tasks were getting done and things were taken shape. Members of our community and some from Hertford came to assist as well. 2.0’s were holding their own and YHC was glad to serve along with them.


I went away from this experience prouder than I have ever been to be a part of something. To see the Dad’s leading their 2.0’s in this effort. Captain Obvious was warned about his 2.0 not being able to be a part, but we signed a liable that made them liable for their 2.0’s. I remember her thanking Captain Obvious’ 2.0 for being there and all his help at the end. We are Dads and it’s often thought that Dads or others are not responsible for their kids. These kids put in work and you couldn’t tell much difference between them and their parents or others that were there. Most guys put in over 2 hour of work there, some over 3!

More Opportunities will be available to serve the next two weeks, let’s keep showing our community why we do what we do!

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