It was an absolute honor to have the opportunity to q the run portion of the 6 year F3 ENC convergence!  30 PAX showed up to tackle the route and share some great conversations.  YHC new that we would have PAX of many different running calibers so I just created a 4 mile loop with the plan of getting extra coming back for the 6 as well as at the end of the run.  The route went a little something like this:

  • Leave the Commons and make a left on Pitt St.
  • Take Pitt all the way around Reade Circle and make a right on 5th.
  • Take 5th to Elm and make a right
  • Elm to 14th and make a right
  • Right on Charles and back to the flag

Prayer Requests:

  • Military
  • The Hot Spot’s Daughter battling depression
  • Punch Out with 14 years of sobriety
  • PAX friends and families battling sickness
  • Northeastern NC F3 growth
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