String Bean and Short Round were tapped to organize this year’s anniversary! Commercials, plans were layed out, and PAX were EH’d.

Some showed up early for a Ruck and/or Broga.

Fruity Pebbles passed the #1stF to Urraca, welcome!


The Thangs

YHC (Class of 2014, 2015) warmed the PAX up with a moving Warm-up with no recovery till the end:

10 SSH IC, Drop to the Ground, Roll to the Left, 5 Merkins IC, Roll to the Right, 5 Diamond Merkins IC, Stand Up for 10 Goofballs IC, Drop to the Ground, Roll to the Left, 10 Pickle Pounds IC, Roll to the Right, 10 Pencil Pushers IC, Recover

The PAX had options of splitting up for the next 25 minutes for the following:

Ruck/Walk with Haavaad (Class of 2019):
Rucks overhead to trail.
Circle up at trail:
20 Ruck Thrusters IC
20 Ruck Curles IC
22 Ruck Tricep Extensions
5 Ruck Burpees IC
Carry litter through trail with sandbags.
Drop litter at trails end.
10 Ruck Merkins.
Head back to flag.
Finish with Bear Crawl.

Bootcamp with Patch (Class of 2017):

Run with Urraca (Class of 2021):
2.5 Miles route through Vicksburg and Van Gert neighborhoods.

The PAX had options again for the next 25 minutes for the following:

Ruck/Walk with Silverado (Class of 2020):
March back to where the litter was left from Haavaad’s Q.
Circle up for:
7 Ruck Burpees
21 Overhead Ruck Press
10 Merkins
Carry litter through the remainder of the trail.
Drop litter at the end of the trail.
21 Ruck Swings
21 Tricep Extensions
10 Ruck Thrusts
Head back to the flag with litter and sandbags.

Bootcamp with Fruity Pebbles (Class of 2018):
7 Silent count SSH.
7 Burpees for missing cadence.
Split in 2 teams, line up on fence, face each other for sevens.
Partner Merkins in the middle of the court.
Kracken burpees at starting point.
Bear Crawl to the net to meet partner.
Crawl Bear back for burpees.
Line up with your team…
Sprint, Sprint, Sprint, Mosey back to flag, sprint, sprint, recover!

Kettlebells with Abu (Class of 2016):
40 reps of the following:
Russian Swings IC
Goblet Squats IC
Alternating Dead Clean and Press
Alternating Dead Snatch
10 Press to Elbow (1st part of Turkish Getup)

All Q’s led in Mary.


YHC led in prayer, thanful for what these 7 years have meant!


Short Round had provided Bagelman Coffee and Bagels (PAX dropped money to reimburse).

Bono led Superlatives and couple of PAX gave Testimony (Ricky Bobby and Mr. Belding).


Plan was executed greatly! Thanks to all Q’s and PAX for making it happen!!!

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