Blastoff @0600 sharp

Rucked to Grimesland. We stopped and did 4 rounds of PT with ruck. 25 Merkins, 25 Ruck Curls, 25 Tricept Extensions, 25 Ruck Squat. We then rucked about the community grounds and found a rocky cement pad. We the did 25 Hallelujahs, 25 Tricept Extensions, 25 Flutter Kicks, 20 squat thrusters. Crossed hwy 33 and made the loop back round to the hwy 33 and did a few more exercises. We then headed towards Dee’s Grill. I then rewarded everyone who was willing to eat with either a Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich or Sausage Dog 30 total btw the two. We then rucked back to where it all went down at the Community Center. ¬†Chedda held down the bootcamp at the center and put a beat down on couple Pax while Matlock lead the runners on 6.50 mile run. We then circled up and counted off. Welcome Pooled Pork and Coco Pebbles as our newest members of F3.

During the Holidays people need more support than we ever could imagine. We are all just blessed that we could do something great today and be Gods hands to serve the community and help out folks that aren’t as fortunate as others. It really felt good to get out there and see all the people step in and serve one other and to be the light for the ones that are going thru darkness. We built boxes and packed 504 boxes of food and give out to folks as they were veted and drove thru the line. I really just want to thank everyone that made today possible and really just thank the Lord for giving us all he does. He is the light and the way thats for sure.

All the boxes were given out by 1115.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Great Work Pax!!!!

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