1 burpee for Moses

Fire Drill – PAX chop feet, Q yells “Fire!” We hit the ground, roll to the left, Merkin, roll to the right, Merkin, up and chop feet. We went around the circle until everyone yelled “Fire!”

The Thang

1st Quarter Pounder – Line up along the sidewalk

Run 25 yards, 25 Merkins, backpedal back

Run 25 yards, 50 Squats, backpedal back

Run 25 yards, 75 Mountain Climbers, backpedal back

Run 25 yards, 100 Smurf Jacks for Papa, backpedal back

2nd Quarter Pounder

25 Plyo Merkin from Knees (toes off the ground throughout the entire movement)

50 Bulgarian Ball Busters (25 each side)

75 Plank Kick Thrus (modification lift arm of leg you are kicking thru or do Parker Peters)

100 Heels to Heaven for Papa

3rd Quarter Pounder

25 Alternating Side Lunges

50 Sumo Squat Calf Raises

75 Supermans

100 Single Leg Hip Thrusts (50 each leg)

4th Quarter Pounder

100 Hallelujahs

Prayer Requests: Mellow Johnny’s process of buying/selling house, praise for all of our blessings, for us to be intentional and/or attentional (right Aquaman) in all that we do this year and be more Christ-like, Cable’s daughter (Chestnut’s sister) recently got engaged and was supposed to post today but was too much of a pansy according to Chestnut.

Thanks to Hot Pursuit for praying us out.


Boston Lager has the Q at #RunStrong, his first day taking over as Site Q. Come out and support him.

Bono has the Q at #RuckReady with a new start time at 0515

Bad Boy has the Q at #TheSandlot and needs some PAX to step up and help him Q

Lots of CSAUPs to sign up for – pick one or some and get training if you haven’t already

Moleskin: This morning was definitely the coldest I have been at an F3 workout. No bad weather, just bad equipment, right Cold Cut. I should’ve worn more clothes.  Cable, I don’t know how you did it without gloves.  Either you still had enough booze in your blood to forget about the cold or you are tough as nails.  Maybe it was a bit of both.  During the 1st Quarter Pounder Butterworth went to his car to possibly warm up, but when he came out with an extra pair of gloves for Polar Bear, I thought that is a #HIM right there. It was even too cold for a Polar Bear.  With how cold it was, it could’ve been worse.  A lot worse.  Having the ability to work out this morning is something we cannot take for granted. This weather and work out made me think a lot of Papa. He would’ve loved to have been out there with us.

It also made me think about something I heard from Francis Anfuso on K-Love.  He said, “Do you believe that everything that happens to you, even the most difficult experiences are uniquely prepared for you and have exceptional value if you can learn to see them from God’s perspective. Challenges are actually opportunities in disguise.  Every irritation is a divine invitation to go to the next level. That’s why how we see our lives is always a matter of perspective, not circumstance. Two people could go through nearly identical situations and yet respond totally differently. The truth is, the right perspective will always produce the right response. Likewise, the wrong perspective will always produce the wrong response. Ask Jesus to help you unpack the value of the experiences in your life for only then can you truly understand and even enjoy the life He has given you.” This caused my word of the day to be perspective.

Unfortunately, my phone froze and didn’t save my recording of all the awesome nuggets shared, particularly from our governor, Tonka. I was planning on transcribing them in this moleskin, but so much for that.  In a nut shell, he challenged all the PAX to step up and lead something somewhere this year. It doesn’t matter when or where, just step up and lead.

2017 has been a great year for me, and F3 has been a huge part in it being so successful. Thank you to each and every one of you. Cheers to an even better 2018!

I want to apologize to Underdog, Strokes, and Lachey who were looking forward to Ultimate Football. After announcements, the PAX bolted to the comfort of their cars, without even acknowledging the FREE food and water. When less than five PAX stayed, we looked at each other and said, Nope!  Ultimate Football will be played another day. The warm fire, hot food, and coffee from Cracker Barrel sounded better and that’s where we went.

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