After a short warm up and a reindeer run we did Santa’s ladder with 12 stations, one station for each day in the song 12 days of Christmas.

1 Partridge in a Pear Tree(Prayer Sit Ups)

2 Turtle Doves(Twinkle Toe Squats)

3 French Hens(Flutter Kicks)

4 Calling Birds (Crunches)

5 Golden Rings (Good Mornings)

6 Geese a Laying (Gorilla Crunches)

7 Swans a Swimming (Swann Dives)

8 Maids of Milking(Monkey Humpers)

9 Ladies Dancing(Little Baby Crunches)

10 Lords a Leaping(Leaping Jump Shots)

11 Pipers Piping(Peter Parkers)

12 Drums a Drumming( little merkin boy (3 push up with each pa rumpapum pum and a berpie with each oh yeah)

Was a great end to a challenging work out (at least for me).  We then finished with a warm down.  Everyone who had brought a 2.0 with them led a warm down exercise and then their 2.0 said what they wanted for Christmas.

We had a couple of FNGs including a young man from Haiti who lost a leg in the earthquake there years ago.  When asked what he liked to do, he said worship, so we named him Bethel.  I was inspired by him as he just did the best he could and hopefully got a little stronger.

He is coming back to Kinston in the near future to get a new prosthetic from Paul Sugg. When he comes he will probably be able to do a little more.

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