It seems like the Ruckers are rising. Numbers are up and guys are starting to sign up for events. About a month ago in the mumble chatter, Abu and YHC decided to Co-Q a 4-hr event to simulate the challenge gear and clothing for the 8 ENC studs heading for GrowRuck Richmond. It turned out that 10 studs showed up at 0500 and 7 stayed for the 4th hour. We had Bush and Vanilla shadow us for the first little bit. 

Admin/Gear Check – We reviewed the following concepts: ID/Cash/weight/water; Flag; Coupons; Formation; Safety

Welcome Party – The Robbie Miller WOD serves as a Welcome Party for our crew. 12 Rounds of the following exercies done at the same time as a partner for accountability:

  • 6 x 33 Foot Shuttle Run 
  • 6 x Ring Pull-Ups
  • 6 x Burpee Squats (Burpee with Jump followed by Squat)
  • 6 x 4 Ct Mountain Climbers
  • 6 x Rucksack Getups

So these are Coupons – A TL/ATL were assigned to move to the back workout area where coupons are laid out. We started with a flag, 4 #60 sandbags, a #80 sandbag, two 5-gal pickle buckets with a #50 and #35 Kettlebell in it respectfully. Those pickle buckets wear you out differently. We took a right at the Fork Swamp Creek. 

Balance the Equation – We found an open area just past the lift station and Abu divided the teams and coupons equally. We set up two lines of coupons – the goal is to get your coupons on the other side of the other teams line – so both teams are taking their coupons and adding them to the other team. You can only put the coupon down when you get past the other teams line. No man is allowed to touch the other team. The goal of the game is when both sides realize the only way to stop the game is for all coupons to be picked up and held by both teams working together. Team Alpha decided that folding was better so Team Beta won. Technically it was over. Instead of making Team Alpha do the 100 Burpee penalty, we played 5+ rounds of the game, just because. 

Then we headed back to the intersection with BLP. We had an 8 min time hack and the TL learned a lesson about inspiring the pax with a clearly stated goal. 

Playing with my Wood – Abu noticed the “log” just past the entrance. Actually, he and Bambino found it and planted it there. We did a quick review of different ways to pick up a log and took off at first in teams of four on the log. Then teams of 3. Then just two guys on a 20-30 pace rotation. The crew figured out a rotation and moved efficiently to the deer stand just past Worthington Road. We ditched the log in the woods for a future event and switched things up. 

Water Aerobics – Because we had 3 pax who had shortie duty, we adapted the plan and took a stroll back to BLP in water up to knees. The pax got used to cold feet and paid attention to how fast our feet warmed up with proper socks. Abu talked about getting down to base layer options. Closed Hand wanted to see how deep the water really got as point man on the flag. 

False Endex – We all took a different path to the starting point to drop off 3 pax and take a photo with the studs at Boyd Lee Beatdown. It also gave guys a chance to see how much the body cools down and how to adjust during the event when not active. 

The final evolution was to get the 4 sandbags and Kettlebell pickle buckets at the creek. We had 7 guys and 7 coupons, so this was our version of a full load Coupon Death March. That was a brutal last evolution and one that the 7 studs who did it learned many lessons. When things got silent because of the pain, we started talking with the guy next to you. The pace picked up and so did moral. 

BOM/COT – Prayers were offered for those traveling and for an awesome day for a killer event. 

Moleskin – Today was a challenge. None of us experienced the Robbie Miller WOD before and it is something to be reckoned with. The first pair finished the 1/2 WOD in 27 min and the six finished in 34 min. There was a group of studs out there. It’s amazing how partners increases accountability and drive. 

We learned a lot today. How to handle a log. How to rotate coupons. How to count paces for time. How to take a pax’s burden rather than ask who needs a break. How to get wet and cold. YHC was most impressed with the way the team figured out how to pass off the #80 in full stride with no lifting.  

These studs are ready for any Tough. What event will they sign up for next?

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