• When: 08/01/2020
  • QIC: Bearded Jester Abu Grammar Candy Cane Noonan

Sasquatch 2020 Pre-blast

WHERE: Wherever you are, (it’s virtual baby)
WHEN: Anytime between July 1-August 1
WHAT: CSAUP is defined as “…something we do not in spite of their difficulty, stupidity and pointlessness, but because of those things.” (Freed to Lead, p. 106)
WHY: Because we are ENC, we don’t just meet the standard we exceed it and this years Sasquatch will be no different.

*This year, due to COVID-19 our homegrown CSAUP will look a little different. We are planning on hosting The Sasquatch virtually. This will allow us the ability to host the event while respecting social distancing requirements AND this means we can open it up to ALL F3 regions.

WHAT IS THE SASQUATCH: The Sasquatch is 10 miles of rucking or running, combined with five 10 minute workouts. 5 runner specific workouts AND 5 rucker specific workouts (be prepared to use your ruck.) Oh Yeah, it’ll be hot too.
You will be provided with a breakdown of mileage to ruck/run between workouts. (i.e. run 1.5 miles perform workout 2, run 2.0 miles perform workout 3…etc.)

This will be a timed event. You must record your overall time (not just movement) Verification required for top competitors
And most importantly, NO OYO (everyone needs accountability right?)

We will bring the toughest Q’s hand selected by other regions to post a virtual beatdown. This will encourage participation and hopefully a little mumblechatter between PAX.

How much will it cost me?: $10 and you’ll get a patch and the opportunity to tell all the sad clowns how awesome you were over the weekend.

RUNNERS: You are the only class eligible to win the Sasquatch trophy and will forever be known as; “that guy who won.” But everyone gets a patch.
RUCKERS: You will be participating in all five workouts this year, and we are lining up specialized Q’s that will be for ruckers only! There’s a patch too!

Sign ups coming soon!

EDITED – This is the link with more details, the On Blast!

Gear available till 7/18, maybe a waiting list for after – https://f3.mudgear.com/collections/active-preorders/products/f3-the-sasquatch-csaup-pre-order!

F3ENC DISCLAIMER: Should it appear that we will be released into the wild and able to congregate we will host a modified Sasquatch in Greenville.

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