Our 7th year of having this #CSAUP was to be the biggest and best, and it was (pre-blast)! 227 PAX registered online and 135 of them were there in person! PAX from 29 different regions signed up and 11 of them were there in person!

PAX got checked in and got their shirts (if they hadn’t already)!

Noonan passed the Nantan torch to Rafiki after 2 years!

Rafiki passed the Community Q torch to Blueprint and the Gear Q to Abu!

Padre opened us up in prayer!

1st Q: #TheCommons (Gravity: Cape Fear)

10ish Rounds:

10 SSH in cadence
5 burpees

Run to #TheSchoolYard (3.5 Miles), Ruckers would skip workout 2 and head to #CoopStronghold (4 Miles)!

2nd Q: #TheSchoolYard (Lactose: Carterico)

4 Corners workout with bear crawl to each corner (50 ft between corners). Different workouts at each corner: Hallejuhs (25), WW1s (25), Merkins (25), and Squats (25).

A big sexy (monkey humpers, Boss Tweeds, pickle pounder) (10 IC of each)!

Run to #CoopStronghold (1.5 Miles)!

3rd Q: #CoopStronghold (Bitcoin: New Bern)

* Prison Cell Merkin Burpees, 5x (1 min)

* Iron Cross – Arms outstretched with static hold to the side with palms down (1 min), palms up (1 min), palms back (1 min)

* Bruce Lee – American Hammers, IC, 25x; Leg Raise, SC, 25x; LBC, IC, 25x; Heel Touches, IC, 25x, Crunchy Frog, SC, 25x.

Run to #RunStrong (.5 Mile), Ruckers would skip the next 2 workouts and make their trek back to #TheCommmons (5.3 Miles)!

4th Q: #RunStrong (Poacher: Cornerstone)

High Plank: (1 minute)

Hip Flexor Burners: (3 minutes)

High knees right leg only for 30 seconds (bring knee above waist and return foot to ground)

Keeping knee above waist, pulse knee up and down never letting knee go below waist for 30 seconds.

Keeping knee above waist, kick foot out extending the leg in and out for 30 seconds.

Repeat for left leg.

Squat burners: (1 minute)

Squat position down and hold for 30 seconds. Pulse up and down for 30 seconds.

Shoulder burners: (2.5 minutes)

In low squat, extend arms out beside the body at shoulder height.

Flap arms up and down about 6” (30 seconds), bring arms out in front of the body and touch fingertips (30 seconds), bring arms above the head and touch fingertips (30 seconds), forward circles (30 seconds), backwards circles (30 seconds)

Lunge burners: (2 minutes)

Lunge right hold for 30 seconds and pulse for 30 seconds, lunge left and repeat

Run to Green Springs (1 Mile)!

5th Q: Green Springs (Goggles: Kinston)

2 Cans Shy of a 6-Pack:

40 WW1

40 LBC

40 Freddie Mercuries (2count)

40 Flutter Kicks (2count)

Repeat all 4 exercises with 30 reps each

Repeat all 4 exercises with 20 reps each

Repeat all 4 exercises with 10 reps each

Total of each 100, grand total 400.

Run to #TheCommons (3.5 Miles)! Four Ainsley’s Angels Chariots were pushed for this leg!


Kinston 1 Year Anniversary Weekend starting on 8/13 – Signup!

Nation 10 Year Anniversary Weekend starting on 10/8 – Signup!


Amigo was the first runner back to take the Run Trophy! Circuit Breaker and Flight Nurse were the first ruckers back to take the Ruck Trophy! Haavaad was the first respect PAX in to get the Respect Samoan Necklace! KoolAid was the youngest PAX to get the Sasquatch Action Figure!

Charlie Brown closed us in prayer!

This event truly wasn’t possible without the following (brief summary, may not capture EVERYTHING):

Fruity Pebbles (Overall Q) – Delegating Roles and Taking the Lead
Cousin IT (Comz Q) – Website, Social Media and Slack Updates, Registration, T-Shirt Distribution (in person and shipping)
Stern (Marketing Q) – Updating Social Media and Slack Daily and his Company Printed the Shirts (almost 300)
Ma Bell (Host Workout Q) – Gathered Q’s among the Nation
Arkansas (Run Q) – Run Support
Coat Hanger (Support Q) – Collected Waters and Sport Drinks (Iced and packed coolers)
Abu (Logo Q) – Designed Logo and Ordered Patches

Fruity Pebbles M – Picked up Breakfast and Awards!
Cousin IT’s M – Helped with Shipping!

Charlie Brown, Cold-Cut, Mr. Heyman, The End, Brass Monkeys 2.0’s, Pulp’s M, Gazelle’s M and 2.0’s all were part of the support team (handed out beverages, cleaned up trash, transported beverages, did whatever needed to be done)!

Ginny for taking pictues and Shrimp for taking drone shots!

Ainsley’s Angels – what an awesome privilege for us to be a small part of their life to push them for 3.5 miles! Thanks to Beth Ann for coordinating! We will be giving them a check for over $1500!

Checkout all of our Social Media Platforms for Pictures (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)!

Thanks for being a part of this great event and we look forward to you participating with us next year!!!

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