Wilson SIM

5:00 Sharp-Whirligig Park

Flag Planted , Pledge as is STANDARD fo any Patch Q or Cadre

12 who dared
Rucks grounded , dressed, remove and sprint 40 yards with following over head w/in 2 mins
Ruck plate and back
Water bladder and back
ID and back
Quitters $ and back

2 minutes to get all that back in and ruck up

3 Depths of HELL

Patch: Icy Bear Crawl Wall of Terror/Knee kiss lunge back
Skynyrd: Army low crawl10 yards-plank 30 seconds-5 Merkins repeat until ROTATE
Noonan: Yes’s and No’s 2 rounds (1st Rucks OH, 2nd no Ruck)

Ruck up: 6-60lb and 1-80lb sandbag, 1-litter-figure it out
2.2 miles to Rotary Park

Arrive Rotary Park-3 minutes to attend to water in and water out
Divide into 3 teams of 3 with Cadres jumping in when pace slowed
50 yard-Sandbag front toss(only 1 step forward before toss Lebron)
50 yard-Sandbag drag to start

Link arm 50 yard knee-kiss-ground-lunges

Ruck Up: PAX realizing a 4 man rotation on litter held shoulder high better than low 2 man
1.9 Miles to Barton College-Future home to F3 “Dude Perfect” and his Mound Magic

Arrive at the College Church-ground coupons-water and fizz
Partner up:
AMRAP Merkins while partner runs 40 yards and back-flip flop
Squats while partner runs 40 and back-flip flop

Ruck up: Silent Discipline-much smoother, quieter rotation, faster pace to Whirligig Park1.5 miles

Ground coupons at the flag-and-FALSE ENDEX
To the Bear Crawl Wall follow Patch(4th loop for YHC)around-2 face plants later-we Done? HELL NO
To the Stage-Skynyrd with Flutter Fails-4 count for each year of life-49-just a young buck
and ….
To the Stage Wall-assume the People Chair position and pass down(3 second lap count)100lb-ish historical broken brick wall found on last leg-pass it back
Hey! Noonan has something to leave us with..On your 6, hand under you-Yes’s and No’s ad nauseam


Prayers/Praises-safe travels today to and fro, injured packs
Announcements: Cadre Patch “YOURE FIRED”, Cadre LS and Washington SIM “YOURE ON THE CLOCK”

Honored to Lead today Gents
Eastern Fleet is Battle Ready, waiting our ORDERS! AYE??

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