Beautiful Christmas eve morning and pax began to arrive at Eagles Ridge.  Charlie Brown does not do warmups so YHC gave the disclaimer and we ran toward Elm Street. Stopped at 14th street for a few merkins led by Wimpie, the run to Immanuel Baptist parking lot.

Bear crawl to other side and do 10 squats and bear crawl back. Rinse and repeat x 3.

Run to Elm Street Park hill. Partner up and do hill repeat sprints while partner does squats and merkins. Repeat x 3.

Run to tennis courts. Suicides out and back to 3 courts the Run out and lunge back. Run back to hill.  Lunge down and sprint back up x 3. Move on the benches. Irkins, Dips, One leg squats ( each leg separately), VERY HIGH Step ups, x 2 led by various pax. Sprint back to top of lot.

Pick favorite run strong pax and mess with their car OYO. Also move run strong flag.

Run to Super Hill into Brookgreen neighborhood. From bottom sprint to top recover way down then sprint to Elm Street.

Run to Immanuel Parking lot and partner up. One pax does squats while other runs perimeter of log. Tag and switch.  Run back towards stadium . Stop at grounded light pole on 14th for Irkins and Dirkins.  Run To RR tracks and more merkins. Run back to shovel flag and two Mary exercises completed.

Tremendous group and mumble chatter.

Remember those pax with struggles at this time of year and encourage them and show love to them. TREMENDOUS testimony from Showboat about what F3 has meant to him for the past 6 months. Sentiments were echoes by Slalom. Great words from Wimpie about accountability.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Convergence next week.

YHC prayed us out.

Merry Christmas!

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