In the damp-cold gloom intro & disclaimer.
Warm Up: 10 GM; 10 SSH; 5 Burpees OYO
Follow me. Six PAX shuffled to the first of three hills for “Sevens”
North Hill – top Flutter Kicks (1,2,3 is one), bottom Ircans OYO
West Hill – Top jump-squats, bottom Durkins (toes on curb, hands on pavement), OYO (Squat for the six)
YHC asked Chateau to give us a 10-count (I think it was Chateau)
At this point we switched to “Fives”
South hill – Top Burpees, bottom LBCs OYO
YHC asked ColdCut to give us a 10-count (10,8,6,4,2,9,7,5,3,1)
Stairs – bottom spread leg Mercans, Top hallelujahs OYO

Circled up for Marys
YHC called for Box Cutters
Splinter offered Hello Dollys
ColdCut offered Rosalitas
Prayer Request: YHC’s wife; Easyrider’s daughter and wife; Coldcut’s teen son and daughter (and grandsons); FixerUpper’s brother in TX; and finally for the Walter B Jones family.
Announcements: F3 Anniversary this Saturday, 2/16/19, at 7am at BLP (breakfast too)

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