Warm Up – We did a regular warm up but it was cooler than most F3 warm ups because Eagle’s Ridge is where the cool people meet up to work out.

Side straddle hops, arm circles, good mornings and various stretches

The Thang

We moseyed to the meadow where we cycled through four exercises: Merkins,halleluiahs, squats and LBCs. One man would run around the meadow while the others stayed behind for the misery of each of the four exercises. We continued to do each exercise until each man had run the meadow and returned and then we switched to the next exercise.

We did Imperial Walkers to the ring of benches at gate 6 where we did various dip exercises and a full round of Mary called by each of the Pax. To conclude we ran to the stairs at Mendenhall, did a 15 set of Merkins, ran the steps and returned to the flag for prayers and announcements.

A special shout out to Charlie Brown for his extra credit ruck where he temporarily carried the weight of the world.

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