We started out the workout with a normal round of warm up exercises to prepare us for the morning fun. After the warm up we moved to the pirate statue and paired up. One partner ran the steps at the side of the Murphy Center while the other partner worked on exercises and they switched until completing 100 merkins, 200squats and 300 hallilujas. After that we went to the tunnel for time in the peoples chair. Having completed  1 1/2 minutes in the chair we moseyed to the pic-nic tables. One partner did dips while the other ran and touched the pirate statue and then returned for the other to switch. We then moseyed to the tennis courts for fun at the four corners. At each corner we did one of the following: 40 LBCs, 20 WWIs, 20 WWIIs and 40 American Hammers. We moseyed on to the raised benches at the flag and assumed a plank erkin position and alternated among the pax 10 erkins while the others held the plank position. We then jumped for one minute and concluded with a round of Mary.

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