Eagles Ridge 4/19/22
Pledge of Allegiance
Warm up: side straddle hops, arm circles, copperhead squats, merkins

Mosey down to lower parking lot:
Partner up and find something new about each other you didn’t know.
Increments of increasing by 5 with Merkins and Squats to each light post and back(suicide fashion)

Mosey to Tennis Court:
4 corner ecalator: 10 merkins, 20 lbc’s, 30 squats, and 40 hallelujahs

Mosey to the tunnel:
Chair sit for a few minutes as each partner group shared something new about the brother next to him (eg: Minnesota Fats M and I grew up in the same county in Maryland). Followed by balls to the walls.

Mosey to the pirate statue:
20 count step-ups, irkins, step-ups, derkins, step-ups, dips, and step-ups

Mosey back to the flag:
Jack Webbs

Pray Requests: Steamy’s recovery, PAX friend recovering from illness, Ukraine, Tadpole, my M gaining respect this past weekend. All other requests mentioned and unmentioned.

Thx Coathangar for this opportunity to lead. Thx for the opportunity for me to meet some new HIMs.


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