We started with the normal workout and added a few extra stretches because the Pax sounded like they were in pain and they needed it. We then moseyed to the meadow where we lined up and assumed a plank position. One Pax ran the length of the meadow while another pax curled our two 15 pound coupons. We switched until everyone had run and everyone had curled.

Next we moseyed with the weights to the tunnel of love where we lined up in the people’s chair and alternated 10 shrugs with the coupons. We then moseyed to the pic-nic tables where we alternated dips and leg extensions while each pax had a turn at running to the pirate statue and back with the weights.Punch out, new to the area, got lost and missed the pirate statue and did his best impression of Forrest Gump running to the front of the stadium and back.

We then moseyed to the tennis courts where we did ab work on the four corners. 10 WWI, 20 WWII, 30 LBCs and then 60 seconds of 6 inches with the legs. We then moved over to the pirate statue and did Carolina dry docks while our partner ran the back steps near the statue.

We finished up with a mosey to the flag and a well intended prayer session. T-Bone was called out specifically for not being seen lately but I just post the news.

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