A reptile rode by this gloom prior to Eagle’s Ridge commencing placing (little made in Chiner flags with some warped drawings outside the line maps on the back. Some secret codes or something for running)

A quiet posse had made their way through the paarkin lot (Haavaad-talk) for some Extra Terrestrial work (kool A, Pulp A, Haavaad A, Stabler A, Lynard A) . Some talk overheard, “I knew there would be a tire”. (Yuuup, real men have tires). In the end this posse captured TBF. (Sho earned it).

Our Salute and Pledge of Allegiance as there were no FNG’s today. Made our way on the concrete and warmed up with :

SSH, Monkey Humpers, Good Evenings (Tip Special) to begin the warmage.

To Minges Meadow where we counted off by 2’s. 1’s on one side 2’s on the other. Flutters and Merkins were happening while the 120 pound tire was flipped to the other side (good form only accepted). Pulp got a pass as Kool-Aid had to encourage him to roll the thing). When all had a chance we headed toward the railroad tracks where 5 Mike Tyson’s challenged our body. Then along the grassy knoll we completed Dirkins and Flutter Kicks. Fire ants were no extra charge. Ouch!

Mosey toward swimming building and in parking lot completed about 40 yards of side shifting squats to the other side and then headed to the pool side wall and People’ Chair called our names for a 5 count each. Rootin Tootin wanted more as he was on the end and gave me credit for wanted a 10 count the other way. We obliged him. I threw in some Merkins for good measure.

Best pace toward the SF when Partner Merkins awaited us (not the cheerleaders). 25 OYO. Then WWII’s and WWI’s facing your counter-part. Gathered then in the grass for a circle of (BY 5’s) Jack Webbs up to 10 Merkins and 50 Hallelujahs……………Great Work Fellas!! Mary did not show!!

Time’s Up.

YHC prayed us out. King Pin-radiation treatments. Abu’s dad-treatments. Aquaman’s mom in hospice. Easy Rider and his family. Spellcheck’s wife-recurring CA issues. Those in Recovery from the 50 miler. Teens and struggles with extra stress anxiety depression. (Girls aged 15 are the highest suicide rates). This Nation. Our President. Service members and those who serve. Freedom is Not Free.

Announcements: Celebrate Rambo and his year of service by joining in for a Wing Ding Fling at King Pins Wednesday (tomorrow evening). Check Slack, Twitter for directions. Lunch today is  also on twitter and calendar. Get your extra Sasquatch fluids to help to Ma Bell, Bambino or Grammar. Support needed for Sasquatch. Sign-Up!! Whatley has the Q at Buildup.

Getcha Cold-Cut is O U T. Great work men. Got your monies worth I hope.

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