Started off warmups with good mornings, arm circles, and ssh. Moseyed to road and did 4 sets of bear crawls and derkins (5x). Moseyed to Murphy Center stairs and ran them twice. Moseyed to tennis courts and did 4 corners of 25 each of Carolina Drydocks, Imperial Walkers, V-ups, and hallelujahs (50). Lunged on ends of courts. Ran 2 sets of tennis court suicides and ran backwards the lengthn of courts. Moseyed to bench area back of Minges and did Doras with partners (100 merkins, 200 lbc’s, 300 squats). Ran stairwells again and finished up with Mary’s going around circle and each of Pax led an exercise. Prayers for King Pen, hurricane relief, 20 year old ECU student that was killed, and teenagers in general with drug/pill useage.

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