What a great way to start the day. Circle up at 5:30 and run through a warm up focusing on shoulders and legs. From there we made the long haul to the concrete benches around the flag and did shoulder exercises for about 6 minutes changing the exercise every 30-45 seconds. We started out standing with arms in the shape of a cross palms facing out and then did short strokes forwards and backwards. After 30 seconds we changed to repeat with palms facing backwards. Next exercise started with hands by your sides and then raised the arms to the cross position. We then switched to a standing position with arms out to our sides with elbows bent at 90 degrees and fists pointed to the sky. Here we rotated arms forward an to touch hands/elbows in front of us and then returned to the original position. Our final shoulder exercise involved hallelujahs to failure.

Next we moseyed to the stairs and had a new exercise where one foot was placed parallel on a higher step and the other foot was lowered in the toes up position until it touched the lower step and was then returned to the height of the step that the other foot was on. It was kind of like one legged squats on the steps. We did this for a 50 count on the right leg and then we switched to the left leg.

Next we moseyed to the benches in front of the meadow where we each sat on the bench and did 50 in and outs where we extended the legs in front of us and then brought the knees to the chest and extended the legs again as a one count. Then, we followed a running and exercise regime for the remainder of the workout. Each exercise was designed to target the core and the glutes. As a group we ran the length of the meadow and returned to the starting point and did 50 fire hydrants on each leg (on hands and knees raise the right knee keeping the heel elevated as if to mimic a male dog peeing on a fire hydrant) 50 times on each side and then switch to the other side. Next, run the meadow and return. Once back we did 50 mule kicks (on hands and knees raise right leg back and up as high as you can and then back) per side. Then, we ran the meadow and returned for a round of leg extensions from the hand and knee position where you would bring the foot in a sweeping motion out to the front of the same side hand and return. 50 on each side and then switch to the other side…..and then we skipped the length of the meadow and returned doing imperial walkers. Once back we did 50 imperial walker situps where we raised up to touch the right elbow to the left knee and then the left elbow to the right knee as a one count x 50….and we ran the meadow and returned to do 50 hip thrusts followed by 20 jump squats.

After that we moseyed to the circle for some stretches to conclude the workout.

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