YHC arrived at Elm Street to find Shrimp and an unmarked police car waiting. Cold Cut and King Pin arrived and I told them we should have a nice crowd based on HC’s last night at Bible study by Gamecock, Mayhem, Splinter, Bambino, and Hot Pursuit. They all fartsacked however and we began.


Run to bottom of hill. One reverse Peppermint Patty, one squat, and other reverse Patty. Went to shelter and completed lots of Irkins, Dips, One leg squats, Step Ups, Irkins, DIps, and one leg squats. The numbers were impressive and too large to accurately document.

Lt Dan up the hill, mosey down and reverse Lt Dan back up and mosey down.

Run following YHC through the park and end up at lower shelter by creek. More step ups, one leg squats, Irkins, Derkins and dips.

Run back through park to bottom of hill. Bear crawl to top of hill and lunge down x 2.

Hill repeats. Sprint up hill at best pace and mosey down x 4. Each pax won one leg.

Bear crawl from sidewalk at center field till you reach right field bleachers then lunge to steps and go up and mosey back to bottom of hill.

Last sprint up hill and go to tennis courts.

Four corners with 7 merkins, 14 squats, 21 plank jacks and 28 squats.

Suicides on tennis court x 4. Then balls to the wall with 7 count each x 2.

Mary interspersed throughout with LBC, WW1, planks, hello dolly, flutter kicks, etc


Prayers for Scottie Mo, Coldcut family, Kingpin family, Elmer, Spinal Tap family. YHC prayed.

Twitter periscope live with several pax call out for return to the gloom and brotherhood: Coach K, Steamy, Hokie, Scully,

Shrimp mentioned ENC camporee May 4-5 . Sign up NOW>

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