POA. No warm Up. Grab two bricks. While doing  ‘brick-a-loojuahs’ we walked about 60 yards. Usually, there was that crowd that would head out behind the school and carry on with certain behaviors, such as smoking, etc. ………..Well, we didn’t do that. Did do this:

People’s Chair. 20 count brick-a-loos each pax. 20 curls for those female admirers, (even the ennis team). 20 punch outs while in ppl’s chair. 20 bent over rows. 20 squat a lujahs.

Balls on the walls with hands on the bricks for a 30 count.

People’s Chair again. Moved all the above to a 40 count. In other words, rinse and repeated,,hocho.

60 hammer curls. 60 V-Ups. 120 bench press fashioned with dem brickz. 60 Squat a lujahs.

Lbc’s vs. V-Upz challenge. Mind over matter. So, if you don’t mind, it don’t matter.

Head from the back of the school as it was becoming light outside and light does indeed dispel such darkness. It even causes foxes to find a retreat………………It may have gone to the tennis courts at this point. I knew this YHC couldn’t keep up with these F’Ville PAX of 2!! The Nantan of F’Ville and Site Q of Tobacco Road led the procession back toward the shovel flag all whilst heaving those bricks, hallelujah style ….. all the way up to 69. Then 6:15 smacked us and YHC called it a wrap.

Prayed for those not here for whatever fart-sac reason. Prayed for these men indeed here! Prayed for our Country and Godly decisions.

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