We have some big things coming to this AO over the next couple of weeks. Multiple VQ’s lined up!!! 3 (Kahuna, Grisham and YHC) for EC ruck.

Just before 5:30 Slim Jim stated “its 530 lets get dirty. To be honest I did not have much of a plan at that moment yet when I heard Slim I knew exactly where to take it from there.


  • Warm up
    • 15 SSH IC 4 count
    • 15 plank jacks IC 4 count
    • 15 burpees OYO
  • Next exercise follow me to the Meadow and partner up for BOMBS
    • B – 100 burpees total while Partner moseys to road at opposite end
    • O – 150 overhead claps while Partner lunges to first tree and back
    • M – 200 merkins while Partner bear crawls to first tree and back
    • B – 250 big boy sit ups while Partner army crawls to first tree and back (st this time someone pointed out “should have brought knee pads”)
    • S – Varied (100-160) We had to cut it short on the squats due to time. While squatting each man made one trip down to the first tree and back doing the crab walk. We squatted until 6:15 and finished together!

Today was physically and mentally tough. Your mind can and will often get in the way. Doing things that are not pleasant and training the mind to handle those moments will have a positive impact. You also realize from a leadership standpoint that people will follow even when it sucks if they trust the leadership. Thanks to all these men who placed their trust in the Q to deliver!!


  • Safe travels for all throughout the Memorial day weekend
  • Glow Worms mom and her leg surgery related to fight with cancer
  • Tina GW’s sister in law got a cancer free report last week
  • Grisham’s friend and all those out in Oklahoma dealing with floods and displacement
  • All first responders and service members


  • Convergence this Monday – Boyd Lee Park
  • Sasquatch – July 27th – Get signed up to participate in some way. Ruck, Run or serve!
  • Dad’s Camp – Aug16-18 – Awesome weekend. Get signed up. One of the best experiences I have had with my 2.0.
  • BRR – Sept 13-14 – Blue Ridge Relay. Still have a few that are looking for team mates. Let someone know if you are interested!

It was great to lead these strong HIM today and hope that all PAX have a fun, relaxing, and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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