In total, 11 PAX were at the flag ready and willing to get mistreated. Nine participated in the beatdown and two mall walked.

Clock hit 5:30 and disclaimer given and received.

Warm Up (in cadence):

  • Mosey and complete Side Straddle Hops x 20 beside the Pirate statue

The Thang:

  • YHC led the PAX who moseyed to the Clark-LeClair stadium parking lot.
  • YHC stumbled upon what seemed to be a list of exercises displayed on a dry-erase board. It appeared to be a workout of some sort and the Q not having a better plan, decided to follow it:
  1. Lap around the Clark-Leclair parking lot
  2. Merkins
  3. Heels to Heaven
  4. Lunges
  5. LBC’s
  6. Burpees
  7. Squats
  8. Plank Jacks
  9. Hello Dolly
  10. Nolan Ryan
  • PAX did 20 of the first exercise, ran a lap, then did 20 of the first and second exercise and ran a lap, did 20 of exercises 1,2, and 3 then ran a lap. Continued with adding the next exercise until time was called. From YHC’s vantage point only 8 rounds were reached. Dolly and Nolan will have to wait for another time. Each round got way more suckier and suckier.
  • PAX made a jailbreak and returned to the flag at 6:10.

Clock hit 6:15 as the PAX returned to the flag to meet the mall walkers.

Many thanks to Italian Stallion for the opportunity to Q #FirstAid.

Prayers: The Closed Hand’s job search, Coldcut’s Niece Jamie, Gloworm’s nephew, Holy Cross Women’s team, Panther’s 2.0, and teenagers finding their way.

Announcements: Lunch at Parkers today (Arlington)

Moleskin: The question at hand is whether YHC will be allowed back to Q in the future…

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