Started out with 5 then grew to 12 by the end. we were also joined by and FNB (friendly new bug) during the workout but he skipped out before the name-o-rama.

Warm Up

Side straddle hops x20

Michael Phelps x10

Squats x15


First, we jogged down to the lower parking lot and did some four corners with 21 reps at each corner to celebrate the first day of summer:



-Flutter kicks (4-count)

-Leg Raises

then repeated and only changed leg raises to hallelujahs

then we moved back to the meadow and did some modified wind sprints:

from the end to the first tree: bear crawls and run back

lunges to the second tree

skips to the third tree

and sprint to the final tree

and repeated


then we jogged to the stairs and ran up and down the stairs then completed descending merkins (stairs, 6 merkins, stairs, 5 merkins, stairs, 4 merkins,etc.)

We then moved to the circle benches and did 7’s with dips and step ups

Finally, we moved to the wall and did 10 counts of wall sits and balls to the walls.

we then did mary until 6:15 and we were then joined by the runners.

Prayer Requests

-Silverback fo recovery

-Hotspot’s son at Governor’s school

-Abu’s father and Kingpin for recovery

-Rafiki’s friend at church

-Fruity Pebbles brother-in-law in safe travels and safe deployment.

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