It was a beautiful post Independence day morn at First Aid. Classified, Optimus and FNG were talking as YHC arrived. Looked at the F3 CALENDAR and see that Cousin IT has the Q. Where is he? I mean it is Cousin IT. The master of all things F3ENC. You know THE #HIM who never misses a beat …or a workout.  Guess his mind was on running in the mountains all weekend.

No fear. Good ole Chuck took over.

Disclaimer and welcome to FNG.

Mosey to stairs and 15 Side Straddle Hops and 20 squats and Mosey to Lower lot. Long line of kids camping out for tickets to something at Minges. None of them seemed interested in joining us.

Lunge from parking space 108 to curb and 10 merkins and lunge back and 10 merkins. Run to sidewalk on Charles blvd and plank for 6. Lung to crosswalk run across charles and lunge to RR overpass , then run to first shopping cart rack at Harris Teeter. ALGORE for six.

Bear Crawl to curb then 10 squats, bear crawl back 10 squats, rinse and repeat. Mosey to front on Harris Teeter.

Sprint to first light pole and back 10 squats. Sprint to second and back and 20 squats, sprint to third and back 30 squats, sprint to fourth and back 40 squats. Plank for six.

Flutter kicks x15 IC.

Peoples Chair on wall with hands held high 15 count by each pax. Right leg strectch, Left leg strech, squat and hold. Repeat with 20 count by each pax and same other stuff.

Balls to the wall , 15 count each Pax.

Mosey to cart rack.  In pairs do lunge figure eights around the cart racks then 20 squats and 20 Irkins.

Run to Stadium Sports parking lot. Box Cutters and Freddy Mercurys X 15 IC.

Run to bus stop across Charles. At bus stop 25 Irkins OYO, the run to stop sign at bottom of hill.

Lunge to top and 20 squats.

Run towards RR tracks at upper end of lot. Irkins, Squats, etc.

Final sprints. Sprint at best pace too pole and back 10 squats. Second pole and back 10 squats, Third, etc.

Mary by Classified while I get phone.


Fun group with great 2nd F today. Always fun to Q with a group of #HIM like this. Welcome to FNG McEnroe aka Jay Pigford who was headlocked by Optimus.

Prayers for Kingpin, Silverback, Abu’s father,  PAX running BRR training this weekend.

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