The PAX met up in the gloom at 5:30 and Slim Jim pointed out that the gate to Dowdy Finkley was open and there were no police in the vicinity.

The Thang

We opened with the Pledge of Allegience, 20 Merkins, 20 Good mornings, and 20 Side Straddle Hops.  Salt Lick’s q juice was flowing so much that some of the PAX had to remind him to slow down.

The PAX moseyed over to the 5 flights of stairs in the stadium as the ROTC folks poured in next to us, alternated a run up the stairs with Merkins and some LBCS.

Next it was time for 7’s with step overs and Erkins.

Then we were joined by a shield lock including Novicaine, Aquaman, and friends for 30 plant jacks and 5 burpies.

The Q tip for the day was “Tell Me More” a phrase that can be used in just about any situation and invigorates your leadership by strengthening your connection with others.  The phrase “Tell me more” or any other statement that encourages the other person to speak allows a man to 1) Show active listening 2) Avoid the temptation to draw the conversation back to yourself 3) set the stage for silence, which can also be a powerful communication tool.

While asking each other to tell them more, the PAX stopped off at the wall for 2 chicken peckers each.

Then Burpie Ball 1.0.  Rules:  Standard dodgeball rules, but if you get hit or someone catches your ball, then it’s a lap around the tennis courts and 7 burpies.  Team one struggled against the odds…first with a much harder ball recovery run, then with lights blinding them from team 2’s onslaught.  No Shame’s talents were on full display and at least on PAX got knocked over. Salt Lick has brought hand sanitizer for all the folks who had touched his dirty rubber balls, but shockingly none of the PAX took him up on it.  Salt Lick is already working on Burpie Ball 2.0 which will include less lights less han-itizer and more running.

By the time the PAX returned to the flag, a fine member of the Allied Security Forces has parked between the flag and the stadium to prevent any further trespasses.

Then Marys with American Hammer, Scissors, Leg Climbers, and the alphabet, in cursive.


Praises: Charlie Brown shared how much F3 has been a positive influence on his body and soul.

The PAX then dispersed to take the high road and ask others to “Tell me More”.


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