12 Pic showed including FNG Megaphone .


SSH IC (15), Good Mornings IC (15), Small & Big Arm Circles 


1 merkins then 4 hallelujah and keep going up by 1 merkins and 4 hallelujah until you get to 10 merkins and 40 hallelujah.

Bear crawl the benches

10 wall taps & balls to the wall for 10 count.

20 wall taps & balls to wall for 20 count.

30 wall taps & balls to wall for 30 count.

Ran to gate 9 & did 10 burpees.

Indian Run to College Hill.

Todd Dinning Hall – Jones Dorm Challenge: Start at area in front of Todd complete 25 WW1 run down the stairs cross over to stairs going up to Jones Dorm. At top of stairs do 25 WW1 cross over to Todd complete circuit till 100 WW1 are completed.

Ran to the pull-up poles and completed 10 pull-ups.

Ran the 4 corners in the parking lot completing a burpee at each corner.

Run back to the flag.

Prayers request:

Unity for our Nation.

Injured Pax


Welcome to Megaphone.

See website.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Always take the high road.

Slim Jim




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