To Celebrate turning 50 this year, I wanted to incorporate “50” as a theme into our workout today.


50 SSH

10 Michael Phelps


Mosey to Elmhurst School.

  • We did 7s with Pull-ups and Gerkins.   (this did not add to 50 but it’s a great workout)

Mosey toward entrance of the stadium

  • 15 Merkins, 25 WWI or WWII, and 10 Burpees  (50 total)  OYO  then sprint towards baseball field and walking lunge back
  • for 50 seconds each, PAX did – Plank, Hillbilly Squats, Mountain Climbers and Plank again all in cadence then sprint up towards BB field and walk back to gate
  • Pax did balls to the wall for 50 seconds, then sitting chair for 50 seconds.  We had fun so we repeated for 30 seconds on the 2nd round

Mosey toward gate 6 going up and down stairs along the way.

  • on the stone benches, PAX did 25 Dips and 25 Derkins (50 total)……  YHC struggled with the Derkins at the end

Went to the grass to finish with a core workout.

  • LBCs for 50 sec
  • Leg Raise on 5 count around the circle (was about 50 seconds)
  • One arm plank – 50 seconds each arm



  • Classified’s son – it’s an amazing story and we are all very happy for him and his family!  God is good.
  • Minnesota Fat’s business partner with his cancer
  • Prayers for all affected with COVID 19 and hope that we find a vaccination.  Pray for the kids and hope they get back to school.

This was my 3rd Q and first at First Aid.  It was good to meet new faces and see those who post regularly.  I got a quick reminder about my age when I realized that our site Q was out of town and I forgot to get the flag. It won’t happen again.  Also, if someone finds an extra F3 glove, I lost mine today….  ain’t 50 great!

Be humble, grateful, and stay positive!  Have a great weekend!



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