• When: 2/16/19
  • QIC: Cousin IT

The PAX casted their vote and here are the results (whether you accept your nomination, it’s the voice of the PAX that voted):

Most Applicable Nickname – Captain Obvious
Funniest Nickname – Just the Tip (blew the field away)
Worst Nickname – Just the Tip (little close, sorry Vanilla)
Most Likely to Wear Inappropriate Gear – Bono (almost unanimous)
Most Likely to Have a 6 Pack in their Ruck – Bush & Patch
Most Likely to Spill Merlot During a Workout – Nice Body (close 2nd – Classified, now the Nice Body award)
Most Likely to Drop a Deuce During a Workout – Wimpie (Past Due waiting at the door)
Most Likely to Post for Lunch, but not a Workout – Mayhem
Most Flexible – Tonka
Least Flexible – Cousin IT
Most Likely to Post – Slim Jim (Patch & Rafiki close)
Most Unlikely to Post – Bambino (T-Bone close 2nd)
Most Likely to Show Up Late – Mayhem (now called the Mayhem award – though Strokes is a close 2nd)
Most Likely to EH You to Post – String Bean
Most Likely to Post for EC – Patch (all by himself even)
Most Unlikely to Post for EC – Cousin IT
Best at Posting on the #TwitterMachine – Noonan
Funniest Mumblechatter – Tonka (now called the Tonka award)
Most Likely to Make You Laugh (not necessarily jokes) – Aquaman (no ideas why)
Biggest Complainer – Bono, Patch, San Fran, Silverback, Tonka
Strongest – Abu (Ma Bell close 2nd)
Fastest – Tortoise & Abu
Most Likely to Have Evolved from a Bear – Bearded Jester
Most look forward to seeing in the Gloom – String Bean
Most Creative Q – Rafiki
Toughest Q – Abu
Least Likely to Q – Snooki
Most Likely to Come Up with the Craziest Exercise – Abu (something with at least 6 words in it)
Quickest to Post the Backblast – Cousin IT
Most Likely to Not Post the Backblast – Aquaman & Crankshaft (someone voted all of Washington)
Needs to Q – Snooki & Candy Cane (got his VQ yesterday and will Q again tomorrow @ QSource)

Additional PAX Submitted:

Most likely to tell an inappropriate joke – Patch
Biggest Chump – Vanilla
Biggest Troll – Hot Pursuit

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