• When: 03/16/2020
  • QIC: Noonan

Brothers – after much discussion with the ENC regional Q team, it is time we put family first and adhere to the recommendations and guidelines recommending limiting all gatherings to 10 or less. This decision is not made lightly and comes with the understanding that getting together to carry each other’s burdens/stress during times such as these is crucial.  Collectively, we are called to do our part to help flatten the curve so we can return to normal operations. Protecting yourself, family, and neighbors is key. We must make the best decision for the overall community in which we strive to invigorate leadership and place our individual needs second.

With this being said, and until further notice, we will be transitioning all AOs to a single daily virtual AO and all beatdowns will be done “outdoors,” in your driveway or backyard. Have your 2.0s and Ms join…NO OYO!! Who knows, a neighbor might be inspired to learn more! Obviously, you are free to get together to work out, who can really stop you, but it is highly suggested to keep it to a small number of people (5 or less) and practice the following guidelines (see more below):

1st F: use hashtag #F3ENCWOD

The Q: as currently scheduled will post his weinke on Twitter and on the Slack #mumblchatter channel the night prior to the beatdown. Feel free to start today’s (3/16/2020) workout tomorrow (3/17/2020). Noonan provided the first weinke for Monday, then Noonan taps the next Q (Abu) for Tuesday, then Abu taps the next Q for Wednesday and so on. If you are asked to lead be sure to step up. Try to get the weinke shared asap (using #F3ENCWOD) and remember don’t Q it if you aren’t going to do it.

Maintain your routine, rise early, get the beatdown completed, and post photos/comments afterward using #F3ENCWOD. The more we encourage guys through early morning submissions on social media of photos and results the more guys will participate.

If you are gathering in groups please limit posting pictures and details to only the slack channels available (specifically the number of PAX that posted and anything promoting future gatherings),  Asking that we do not post pictures on socials of group gatherings (do so on slack only), but please do post on socials about individual workouts/virtual AO participation.

2nd F: As of now all 2ndF activities are postponed.

3rd F: As of now all 3rdF activities are postponed. We are still planning to have Q-Source on Sunday mornings at 6:45. Watch Slack for a link to login and join the discussion.

If any needs arise during these times, please reach out to your brothers for assistance. We are here to share each other’s burdens and step up for one another and for our community when called to duty. This is what we prepare for, “Getting ready for the unexpected…While it may feel like we will all be OYO, with the bonds of our brotherhood, no one is ever truly OYO!

We will keep you all posted as changes in information become available. Let’s prepare and expect the worse, and hope for the best!

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