• When: 08/15/16
  • QIC: T-Bone

In Eastern NC, we don’t believe in ghosts, but we a long history of pirates and piracy.  In pirate lingo, “booty” is treasure.  The method of obtaining the booty was typically to stealthily approach an unsuspecting vessel, quickly board it, and steal the valuable items.  And so it is with the most badass, coveted flag to lay shadow upon F3ENC.  She is owned by none, held by some and coveted by all.  She will be located at an AO and will remain at that AO until 5 PAX from another AO plan and execute the steal.  At the point, the initial AO must surrender the flag

The genesis of this idea was a discussion with Quickie at F3 Dad’s Camp.  He was telling a few of us about the “Ghost Flag” (@F3GhostFlag).  The concept originated with F3Sadiq at Swamprabbit and was then stolen by Silver Bullet and implemented in the Mecklenberg-ish NC area.

The purpose of the flag is to encourage PAX from one region to post at another region.  F3ENC is going to launch a similar concept, but we are going to modify the name and the rules to encourage not only other regions to post at F3ENC (since they are so far away), but to encourage PAX to post at different AO’s than their “normal” AO’s within F3ENC.  When we see an idea that works, we don’t have a problem shamelessly stealing it and applying it to our situation!


The F3ENC Surrender the Booty flag will go on tour 8/22/16 and make her way across all AO’s during that week.  She goes into play on 8/29/16.  You will have to follow @F3STBFLAG to know where she is going to be located.  The reward of stealing this flag is a great sense of accomplishment in EH’ing your F3 Brothers to post at a different AO and have the opportunity to experience different beatdowns with PAX who you may not know or don’t typically post with.  This promotes the 2nd and 3rd F’s, and the word is that the beatdowns that occur when 5 PAX from a different AO post to steal the flag can be pretty intense and brutal!  We expect nothing less!  Are you going to let outsiders steal your treasure without making them pay??

Rules of Surrender the Booty Flag

  1. The flag will be in play at ANY AO!
  2. 5 or more PAX (who regularly post) from a different AO (or different region – e.g. Raleigh or Morehead) must post at the Surrender the Booty flag’s location to claim it.
    • Example:  If The Rush is in possession of the flag, 5 PAX who regularly post at BLP on M, W, or F can post and steal the flag, which will then be planted at each BLP M, W & F workout until it’s stolen from them.  This means that the PAX at BLP will have to coordinate to make sure the Surrender the Booty flag is present at each M, W & F workout until it’s stolen.
  3. The Site Q at the AO that claims and takes possession of the flag MUST post on Twitter location of the AO which has the flag in possession.  If they do not post about the flag prior to the workout, it can be taken by ANY PAX to a designated AO. The flag has it’s own Twitter handle (@F3STBFlag)!
  4. The flag remains at the new AO until 5 PAX from an AO other than the AO from which the flag was stolen, post to steal it
  5. Rinse and repeat
  6. If you are the Site Q that is in possession of the flag, do your best to talk smack on Twitter and post the location of the flag a day or two before your workout so PAX can plan accordingly to steal.
  7. If the flag is not at the AO that has possession, it shall be given to the AO/Individual that came for it!

If you have an idea to make this better let me know.


T-Bone (@F3TBone)

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