• When: 02/24/2018
  • QIC: Gazelle
  • FNGs|Visiting Pax: All PAX invited

So, you’re interested in this Whetsone thing and you want to know more details. You have come to the right place. If you have not already read The Whetstone Project preblast – Part 1 then please click on the link and do so before continuing.


Below are the 4 Ws

Who: Any member of the F3ENC PAX who wants to improve themselves, hopefully that means you.


What (Guidelines):

  1. Find a Man – identify who you can be in a blade/stone relationship with.
  2. Confidentiality – to build trust in any relationship, this has to be the foundation.  You need to have permission to share areas of concern outside of your Whetstone relationship.
  3. 1 year commitment – commit to each other that you will maintain the relationship for a minimum of 1 year.
  4. Meet semi-monthly – designate a time where you can spend 1hr twice a month in discussion to foster a Whetstone relationship.
  5. Communicate with Whetstone Q – periodically I will be reaching out for communication on what’s working and what isn’t, providing resources and general follow up.  To improve the program hearing from the groups will be necessary.

If you can not identify another man to partner with, we have a matching form that can be used and the Q will provide you with a stone.


When: The matching form will become available on January 26th.  If you identify a whetstone relationship on your own please let me know @gazelleF3 so this can be tracked. The first round of pairing will be announced on F3 ENC’s 3 year anniversary, February 24th.


Where: Find the request forms on our regions website: www.F3ENC.com




Blade: A man who is sharpened by another man in a whetstone relationship.

Stone: A man who sharpens another man within a whetstone relationship.

Whetstone: The vertical relationship between a Stone and his Blades (most often embodied in a mentor relationship between a more experienced man and a less experienced man).

Shieldlock: The horizontal relationship between men (most often embodied in an accountability partner with a man in a similar stage of life).

Q-Source: the wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise virtuous leadership (here is the link: http://f3nation.com/topics/f3n/q/  This along with the book Freed to Lead can lead to great discussion between the Blade and Stone.)


If you have additional questions please post them in the comments below.

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